LUSTR x Somewhere

Somewhere in the Distance is a festival founded by Berlin-based, and Irish-born DJs - Neil Flynn and Boogieman.  This is the third year they have brought their highly curated event to an abandoned fort in the forest -  a couple hours outside of Berlin, almost to the border of Poland. 

Each year 300-400 will head out for 24 hours of music in community set in the middle of a beautiful forest. 

LUSTR was lucky enough to take part in the event this year.  We set up shop on a wooden picnic table during the day party, to glitter arriving guests.

This is the first time LUSTR has glittered at an event in Europe, and we loved meeting and glittering so many new faces.  

As the sun set, we winded down and headed in side to the Rave Cave and Disco Dungeon, to dance to the sounds of some of our favorite DJs, including: Neil Flynn, Kev Sheridan, Quarion, Aera, Omar Suardy, Terron Darby and so many more.  

Such a buzz to pass through the crowds, seeing people with our bio-glitter on their beautiful faces. 

 We look forward to returning to Somewhere next year...